Utført arbeid

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Webinars and talks

Below, you will find a selection of climate-related activities in which we have been engaged.

Must make preventing damages from flooding profitable

The great flood in Finnmark is a reminder that we have to make disaster risk reduction from flooding profitable for owners of buildings and infrastructure.

Climate adaptation and insurance

Mia Ebeltoft in Climate Risk Advisory spoke on climate adaptation and insurance, see her talk here (select the webinar dated February 10, 2021 after clicking on «Read more» below).

The webinar series Just Add Finance discusses sustainable finance. Get more information and gain a better understanding of why YOU have a role in sustainable change.

How to integrate climate risk and disaster risk reduction into the strategy of financial enterprise

Mia Ebeltoft in Climate Risk Advisory participated in a UN-report discussing opportunities to integrate disaster risk reduction and climate resilience into sustainable finance. Read the report here:

Climate adaptation for buildings and infrastructure

Read more about climate adaptation for buildings and infrastructure - societal barriers and drivers, by among others, Mia Ebeltoft.

You'll find a link to the report here: